Class of 2021

On this page you will find information specific to Incoming Freshmen at Palatine High School including letters and important forms.

Information/Dates for the Class of 2021

Mailings for Incoming Freshmen and their Families
Student Pre-Enrollment Letter 9/1/2016 Eng. and Span.
Dates To Remember 10/31/2016  Eng. and Span.
PSAT 8/9 Information 9/1/2016  Eng. and Span.
School Bus Stops 9/1/2016  Eng. and Span.
Master Enrollment Form 9/1/2016  English
 Master Enrollment Form  9/16/2016  Spanish
Curriculum Night Letter 10/31/16  Eng. and Span
Course Selection Sheet 10/31/16 English
Cluster Information 10/31/16  Eng. and Span
 Incoming Freshman
Curriculum Night
12/14/16 Eng.
Freshman Parent Night  2021  12/14/16  Eng.
 Career Cruising Login Instructions  12/14/16  Eng.
 Physical & Immunization Letter  3/7/17  English
 Physical & Immunization Letter  3/7/17  Spanish
 Immunization Requirements  3/7/17  Eng. and Spa
 Child Immunization Clinics  3/7/17  Eng. and Spa
 Physical Exam Form  3/7/17  English
 Physical Exam Form  3/7/17  Spanish
 Freshman Welcome Day Letter 6/30/17 English
Freshman Welcome Day Letter 6/30/17 Spanish