Art Careers


Popular Career Options in Fine Arts:

Exhibiting Artist

Gallery Owner/ Director

Professional Printer / Print Shop Assistant

Management Museums, Galleries, Fine Art Presses, Foundries and Institutions

Visiting Artist / Artist-in-Residence

Foundry Worker / Welder

Art Critic / Writer

Art Association Director or Assistant

Art Supply Consultant / Demonstrator / Sales Representative

Teaching / Instructor


Popular Career Options in Illustration:

Editorial Illustration [Magazines, Newspapers, etc.]

Books [Covers, Children’s]

Animation [Character Development, Environments, Conceptual]

Narrative [Cartooning, Comic Books, Graphic Novels]


Storyboards [Film, Animation, Television]

Scientific / Medical [to include Botanical]

Advertising Design


Greeting Cards


Popular Career Options in Business of Art & Design:

Art Director

Brand Strategist

Communications Director

Creative Services Director

Design Studio Owner

Gallery Owner/Director

Marketing Analyst

Media Planner/Buyer

Media Research Analyst

Production Manager

Popular Career Options in Computer Animation:

3D Character Animation for Feature Film

Compositing and Special Effects for Film

3D Modeling for Video Games

3D Animation for Games

Lighting and Texturing for Games and Film

Animation for Location-Based Entertainment [Theme Park Rides]

Technical Director

Concept / Layout /Storyboard Artist

Broadcast Design & Animation [Television]

Scientific Visualization


Popular Career Options in Photography & Digital Imaging:

Freelance or Staff Photographer [Institutional, Corporate, Museum]

Commercial Studio Owner

Digital Imaging / Photo or Transparency Re-touching

Photo Stock Agency Owner or Employee

Video Photographer / Film or Video Editor

Photographic Sales

Professional Imaging Representative

Archivist / Documentation Specialist

Offset Photography Lithographer



Popular Career Options in Graphic Design:

Web Design

Motion Graphics Design for Television

Packaging and Point of Purchase Design

Publication and Print Media Design

Exhibition Design

Corporate Communications Design

Advertising Design

Marketing and Promotion Design

Retail Graphics Design

Signage Planning and Design


Popular Career Options in Game Art & Design:

3D Character Animation

Compositing & Special Effects

3D Modeling

Lighting Design


Technical Directing


Environment Design

Level Design

Game Design


Popular Career Options in Advertising Design:

Advertising Agency Owner

Advertising Designer

Advertising Manager

Advertising Production Artist

Art Director


Creative Supervisor

Design Director

Interactive Media Director

Manager – Creative Services


Popular Career Options in Digital Filmmaking:



Editing – Film, Music, Dialogue, Sound


Art Directing

Visual Effects



Concept Art



Popular Career Options in Interior Design:

Community: Theaters / Museums / Schools

Civic: Government Buildings / Airports

Corporate Design: Offices / Banks

Residential: Single-Family / Apartments / Condominiums

Hospitality: Restaurants / Hotels / Resorts / Clubs

Healthcare: Hospitals / Clinics / Private Practices

Retail: Stores / Boutiques / Exhibits

Entertainment Design: Casinos / Theme Parks / Art Direction

Product Design: Furniture / Hardware / Lamps / Dinnerware

3D Computer Modeling and Animation


Popular Career Options in Motion Design:

3D Animator

Art Director/Broadcast

Broadcast Graphic Designer

Creative Director/Broadcast Design

Graphic Designer/Motion Artist

Multimedia Designer

On-Air Art Director

Special Effects Designer


Commercial Producer