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Bullying Prevention Newsletter
Bullying Prevention Newsletter

bscc2[1] Bullying and Safety Concern Center

This site is designed for individuals to report situations involving intimidation, harassment, threats, abuse, and
other forms of bullying. It is also to be used to report any other safety concerns.
It is usually best to talk directly with an administrator, counselor, psychologist, or social worker.
However, since students and parents are not always comfortable doing so, this is another tool
that can be used to report bullying or other safety concerns.

Please describe your specific concern. Try to include information regarding who, what, when, and where the incident(s) occurred.

Concerns reported on days when school is not in session will not be seen until the following school day. Although we try and respond in a timely manner, it could be several days or longer before staff is able to respond. If your concern requires immediate attention, contact Administration or Student Services directly by calling 847-755-1600. In the case of an emergency, call 911.

Safety Concern